Rinjani Mountain.

Rinjani Mountain 12,224ft/3,726mtr is an active volcano in Indonesia on the island of Lombok. Administratively the mountain is in the Regency of North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Indonesian, making it the second highest active volcano in Indonesia. 

Rinjani Mountain

However approximately in 1,257 the volcano erupted so violently that their shape is transformed into what it is now and the event is believed to have contributed to the series of THE LITTLE ICE AGE  as a global cooling episode and a failed harvest, on a clear day you can see the breathtaking views from the summit.

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On the top of the volcano is a 6 by 8.5 km/3.7 by 5.3ml caldera, which is partially filled by Crater Lake known as Segara Anak (seawater) due to the blue color of Water Lake as the sea. The lake is about 6,600 feet / 2,012mtr above sea level and is estimated at about 660ft/201mtr inside the caldera also contains a hot spring.

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For the people of Lombok Sasak Muslims or Balinese, the volcano is worshiped as a sacred place and a dwelling place for the gods. Crater Lake Segara Anak is the destination of thousands of pilgrims who put offerings in the water and soaking in hot springs is a way of healing for skin diseases, Rinjani Mountain one of the 40 National Park throughout Indonesia was established in 1,997.


Mountaineering is a complex and unique way of life, interweaving elements of sport, art and mysticism. Success or failure depends on the ebb and flow of immense inspiration. Detecting a single rule governing this energy is difficult it arises and vanishes like the urge to dance and remains as mysterious as the phenomenon of life itself.


My Way Adventure Trekking Itinerary Rinjani Mountain.

Destination to Programs 3Days – 2Nights.

Start from Rinjani Trekking Center gate Sembalun Village – Crater Sembalun/Rim Plawangan 2 – Summit Rinjani – Lake Segara Anak – Hot Spring – Crater Senaru/Rim Plawangan 1 – then finish at Rinjani Trekking Center gate Senaru Village.

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Destination to Programs 2Days – 1Nights.

Start from Rinjani Trekking Center gate Sembalun Village – Crater Sembalun/Rim Plawangan 2 – Summit Rinjani – Then return back to Sembalun Village again.

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Trek to the summit Rinjani Mountain is easier to start from Sembalun Village. Web Map Rinjani.jpg

Before trekking you should prepare day pack.

Personal Day Pack :

  • Torch or Flashlight.
  • 2 pcs of shorts.
  • 2/3 pcs of T-Shirts.

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